Burns Nicht

In honor of Scotish poet, Robert Burns; bespoke men's designer Duncan Quinn hosted a night of kilts, bagpipes, Macallan Scotch whiskey, haggies, and tatties at Chateau Marmont on January 28, 2012.

As the Macallan 12, 18, and 25 flowed, fifty-plus lads and lasses mingled across a long bewitched dinner table and I with everyone else, awaited to be part of a ritual that started generations ago on January 25th a few years after Burns death.

In memory of Robert Burns, the chairman of the Supper begins reciting the 'Haggis' poem and haggis is then toasted with a glass of whisky. Thereafter, the reciting, the drinking, and the eating went on and continued at one of Chateau's bungalows.

Robert Burns (sometimes known as Rabbie Burns), not only wrote poems that made him famous, his chivalrous spirit, enchanted the likes of both men and women.  He was known to have a wicked sense of humor, controversial frankness, decrying hypocrisy, tender & thoughtful, hard drinking, and an insatiable passion for woman. Burns died at the age of thirty seven, leaving behind 11 children from 5 different woman, one child that was actually born on the day of Burns funeral.

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The killing of the Haggies

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