Destination...Flea Market

Yesterday, Sunday...was a very long day.  Together with my husband and our two furry kids, we woke up at the crack of dawn (three am to be exact), and headed to the Santa Monica Flea Market, to sell some our supplemental furniture, house decor,  vintage collection of clothing, shoes, and some of my Wendy Glez merchandise.

Regardless of its intense labor this sale commended us; the work paid off!!!  Not only did we sell most of our decor and some of our furniture, but we got to meet Charles Hollis Jones!!!!  If some of you are wondering who this guy is... he is like the Andy Warhol of Furniture.  He is a respected and well renowned furniture artist/designer from the 60s, who is a published lucite pioneer.  He came by our booth and filled us in on the artist of our lucite chair we had for sale and commented on our booth.  It was flattering to talk to people like him and talk about future collaborations we can possible have with him.  I am so excited to meet him again and hopefully do something with him in the near future.  I was told that he has an amazing house! Hmm...

Here is a lil' bit of what our booth looked like yesterday.  Sorry for not posting pictures of him and I.  Honestly, I was a lil' camera shy and was a lil' bit to occupied meeting such wonderful people. I will be doing another flea market sale soon, so stay tuned...and check back on Facebook for updates.

Ciaoxxx Wendy